Friday, April 22, 2011

talking balloons for a walk

Today I helped push gigantic balloons, three of them, out of a doorway, really getting a kick out of how absurd it all looked. "It looks like the house is giving birth," someone said. The house gave birth to three balloons and one huge banner right in time for Earth Day. The balloons were then shoved into a massive UHAUL truck while traffic was momentarily held up, and a honking concerto ensued. Banner was then unfurled at nearby Washington Square park, where the city is soon to unveil new benches made out of wood from the Amazon.More info here. I was harnessed to the green balloon on the left, the highest flying one as it was the only one not punctured by errant tree branches.

I just realized, while writing this, the uncanny similarity between one of the postcards I recently made for the swap, of a girl happily walking her gigantic ball, and what I did today. I honestly had no idea when I made it.

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